Here's what our clients have to say about us!

"After getting a referral from a neighbor for these guys, I called them to see if they could help me with some tough welding on a 46ft, all aluminum horse trailer we use to haul Clydesdales. The side ramp hinge had broken in 1/2 a dozen places & needed to be re-worked and welded - all aluminum. They assured me they could handle it and told me to bring it in the next day. I only had ONE DAY to get this done because we need leave town for a Show -- so with no other options I dropped it off. They were done ON TIME and did a FANTASTIC job.. and they IMPROVED on what existed from the Manufacturer - Silverado. Then, they even did some extra supporting on the brace that protects my sewer pipes - and the charges were right where they said it would be, which was very competitive. Recommend them, VERY highly... "

Bruce Davis, Sr


"This is a great place. They fixed up my mower deck quickly and very well. Nice folks too. "

Mitch Turner